Dress Code

All students and staff are expected to uphold high standards of conduct and appearance. Clothing should be suitable and comfortable for normal school activities and should reflect the respect, pride and standards of the student's home and community.

General clothing standards for all children require that shoes must be worn at all times and should be worn with appropriate socks or stockings.

At Alice Birney Elementary School we believe that we should not allow any clothing, hairstyle or make-up that causes a distraction to learning and behaving at school.

Do not wear:

  • Open-toed sandals, flip flops, slippers, high-heeled shoes and "Heelies"
  • T-shirts with imprinted suggestive words or pictures
  • Pants worn below waist level
  • Hats worn inside buildings
  • Dangling or large earrings
  • Excessive amounts of jewelry
  • Hairstyles, excessive make-up, or nail polish that distracts, may cause harm or offends

Do wear:

  • Shoes that cover the entire foot, especially on physical education (PE) days
  • Shoes with that fasten easily if still learning to tie shoes, or with laces that can be tied properly
  • Shorts under skirts for sitting on the rug, running, jumping, and playing on playground equipment
  • Clean and appropriately sized clothing
  • Belts to hold up loose pants

Consequences for poor choices:

  • Inappropriate T-shirts will be worn inside-out
  • Parent called to bring appropriate clothes/shoes
  • Child will be excluded from playground activities when wearing inappropriate shoes, or may be supplied with alternate clothing. (Some extra clothing is kept in the nurse's office.)

Our students participate in physical activities daily, and many of the above items can be hazardous during physical activities such as running, jumping and playing on playground equipment.

The principal may approve exceptions to the dress code for unusual situations or for specific events, such as spirit days.

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