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FAMILY SUPPORT LINE (619) 732-1400* 
Need Help Connecting to the Internet? (619) 260-2460*

Possible Solutions


Zoom trouble?
Breathe, then 1, 2, 3

  1. log-out
  2. restart computer
  3. log back in 

Are you having trouble losing connectivity during zoom sessions? 

  •  At the start of the session, close all tabs or windows you don’t need at the time.
  • Try muting and turning off camera by clicking in the lower left icon for sound and video.
  • You may even need to power down other devices at home connected to the internet that are not in use. 

  • Update Chrome by turning off device and coming near the walls of any SDUSD school and restarting the computer.

  • If your device is still having problems, check-out the Family Support Website

OR go it alone and try the Technology Self-Help Tutorials Below...


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Video de cuidar a los computadores y enlaces para llamar por asistancia

NEW How-to for Caregivers from Zearn - for those who want to learn more about your children's Zearn account? click here

Families @ Home - equity and racial inequality resources, mental health, food services, surviving
distance learning, 

ATTENDANCE Call 619-497-3500 or email

OFFICE Depending on staffing Birney Office is open most days Mon-Fri between 12-2 during food distribution

CURRICULUM: Every Lesson = 1 piece

puzzle pieces
Teachers have planned full days of distance learning instruction and curriculum based on grade level expectations, IB units, and state standards. Normally, lessons and concepts build upon each other like building blocks or a jig-saw puzzle.

It is important that students log-on by 9am EVERY DAY. ATTENDANCE IS KEY...We hope we will return to face-to-face soon so make sure your student will be ready by keeping up with grade-level content via distant learning. We can us 619-497-3500

TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT  Need a device? Call 619-497-3500 or email Ms. Amanda at to come in and pick-up a Chromebook.

Computer tips: Check simplest solutions first 1) Check cord, unplug/replug in outlets 2) Close all tabs/apps, log-out, RESTART Still having problems with your device or need help with getting internet for your child?

NEED TO EXCHANGE DEVICE??? NEW PROCEDURE FROM SDUSD!!! Don't shoot the messenger...If your device is not working, please do NOT return to Birney to exchange, instead call the Learning Support at (619) 732-1400 or go to for more information.

Need Help Connecting to the Internet?

Please contact the SDUSD Family Support Line at (619) 260-2460 to learn about the multiple internet service options available.

Dedicated agents are standing by ready to assist. Bilingual-Spanish assistance is available.

Hours of operation are 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday – Friday & 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. on select Saturdays (Sept. 5 and Sept. 12)

SDUSD Technology Support  SDUSD FAQ's

EMAIL - NOTE: Although SDUSD student passwords contain the @ symbol, elementary students do NOT have a working email.

Teachers share information with parents or guardians using the current parent or guardian email on file for the parent.
Make sure you are able to access your email at all times.
Check your email daily for important information, ZOOM links, and passwords from your child's teacher
To update your email, contact us at 619-497-3500


All SDUSD students have Google for Education and Clever Accounts.
Students sign into their district Google account using their Active Directory ID and password
Google for Education Student Account: student ID # (For example:


Singing ZOOMA ZOOMA ZOOMA ZOOM ZOOM in your sleep?? You might not need these tips, but if you are having trouble try these...

[FWD: From Ms. LeeAnn, Birney Library Technician] 
Good Afternoon, 
Are you h
aving difficulty signing in on Zoom, especially 4 year olds? Provided here is  a screencast how Zoom or Clever can be an icon on their desktop.

The first link is the screencast video.  The second is where to find it on the District Technology Support for Families website.  It is housed under the “Your Chromebook” button.  This does not show how to make direct links become the homepage (or bookmark), but it does offer students a way to make their Learning Management System (LMS) easy to get to from their desktop. Here is the information on how to make the Learning Management System (ex. Clever, Zoom) a shortcut."


District Technology Public Website: > Under “Your Chromebook”

-ZOOM TIP: Advanced Trouble-shooting for Joining Zoom Meetings

These three problems solving procedures will resolve most issues when joining authenticated Zoom meetings from a district Chromebook. Please try in order. For example, if #1 doesn’t work, try #2. If #2 doesn’t work, try #3. 
1... Sign in through before joining the meeting. Click here for video tutorial
2... uninstall the Zoom extension. Click here for video tutorial
3... Sign in into the extension with SSO. Click here for video tutorial

Basic Zoom Log-in - For student SAFETY log-in through district apps!!! This is new to all of us but SDUSD put it in place for safety so it's for good reason. Yes, it's going to take patience on both sides of the screen and this is a good way to show students how to breathe deeply and work their way through a multi-step problem. We can do this. Tell your child to go snuggle up and relax with their favorite stuffy, play with their favorite toy, or better yet, read a good book while you take a deep breath and then follow instructions below:

When attempting to join a Zoom meeting new safety settings are requiring users to do the following:

Joining an Authenticated Zoom Meeting on Chromebook
Here is a video tutorial

On Chromebook the following message may be presented:

1.) Click Leave and exit the Zoom app (Do not attempt to Sign In to the Zoom App).

2.) Switch back to the Chrome web browser and proceed to
On other devices
1) Open Google Chrome & sign In
student logs on with their log-in and password (their log-in looks like this _ _ _ _ _ _

3) go to and log-in
4) scroll down to the zoom line


NEW How-to Videos (Google Classroom, Clever, SeeSaw, Zoo)
In multiple languages

  • CLEVER- Students and parents can access all online platforms by signing into After signing in, look for the online platforms section. Here students will find links to Zoom calls, assignments and grades. Watch this video for how to sign in to Clever.

How to Access Applications and Platforms on Clever:
Spanish Spanish:
Vietnamese Vietnamese:
Tagalog Tagalog:
Arabic Arabic:

MORE languages Somali

ACCESS STUDENT GRADES - PARENT PORTAL Access Parent Portal for student grades/report cards



BEE caring, principled, inquiring, reflective, knowledgeable, thoughtful, open-minded, balanced as we work together to online community to communicate, take-risks, and learn together.

BEE respectful each other's confidentiality and privacy. Never photograph or record others' work, names, photos or on-line meetings.

BEE OUR BEST selves with our friends, teachers, and family during tough times.

BEE careful and caring as we venture out of the hive...Make healthy choices, and just like at school, remember to wash hands A LOT!

Remember we're in this together

If you get stuck or frustrated just call us 619-497-3500 or email

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