Emergencies/Doctor's Appointments

What If We Have an Appointment or an Emergency?

Parents, guardians and other authorized adults who come to pick up a child for a doctor's appointment or other personal business during school hours must come to the office for clearance and to secure the Permission to Leave Ground During School Hours form.

They must be listed on the student's registration card or we must have prior written or verbal approval to release a child to an unknown adult. This procedure is designed to protect children. Teachers are not allowed to excuse a student without the official, signed release form.

What If I Need to Sign My Student Out During School Hours?

During school hours, students may not leave school grounds at any time without parent, legal guardian or authorized adult supervision. A child will only be released to a parent, legal guardian, or other adult whose name appears on the student's data card.

Parents planning to take children out of school must come to the office first and sign out the student. Office staff will call the child's classroom and have them meet the parent, guardian or authorized adult in the office.

The child must report to the office before going back to class if s/he returns during school hours on the same day.

To ensure your child's safety, we may ask anyone who comes to take a child out of school to show identification. If someone other than a person listed on the data card is to pick up your child, please provide a note with your signature and make sure the person has identification with them when s/he coming for the child.

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