The Birney Buzz 09/06/2021

The Birney Buzz 09/06/2021
Posted on 09/07/2021
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Greetings, Birney community! I hope your Labor Day weekend was relaxing.

I am sure you have read my last email from Friday. But just in case, I will repeat some of the information. Over the weekend we received more notifications of exposure to Covid-18 or positive cases from the Health Department. The Health Department is conducting contact tracing and notifying close contacts when they need to do a ‘modified quarantine’, ‘quarantine’ or receive tests every 3 days. In the meantime, it is my job to post thNotification of Non-Close Contact to the general public – if you have not heard from the Health Department, you are not identified as a close contact.

I appreciate the spirit of the families who have contacted us about exposure – it really helps us all stay safe if we are forthcoming about our circumstances. We all agree that in-person school is beneficial for our students. For this reason, in the interests of utmost accountability and safety, effective Tuesday, September 6, we will implement several additional safety checks, even though they have not been mandated by the district or CDPH:

  • Symptom screening checklist:  You received a packet of 10 Symptom Screening Checklists on Friday.  You will detach one checklist each morning, answer the questions, sign and include the phone number you can be reached at during the day IN CASE your child experiences symptoms that resemble symptoms of COVID-19.  The students will take the checklist to class and if they feel ill, they will be sent to the health office with the screening checklist so contact can be made and you can pick them up.  

    • ClearPass preferred?  You can continue to use ClearPass but you must show your ClearPass at the gate and email the results to your child’s teacher.

    • Please keep in mind that using ClearPass requires additional work on the part of the teacher and the school. We have to check reports and read emails instead of being able to get right down to instruction. 

  • Temperature screening at the entrances to the school:  just to keep us all safe, we will add a layer of safety by screening for fever at the school entrance. If a student has a fever, the health office will contact parent for pick up.  

  • Lunchtime seat tracking will reflect the seating charts teachers are using in the classroom so we can trace the exposure should one of the students test positive.

  • Lunchtime spacing ideally 6 feet apart when unmasked.  

Last Thursday we held our first COVID-19 testing clinic for adults and children. Thank you for sending in your forms indicating if you wished for your child to participate. I will ask that you complete the informed consent and release of information form as well and return that to the teacher. Testing will occur every Thursday from 8-11 outside in the lunch court area.

PARENT PORTAL ACCESS:  Hopefully those of you who did not have Parent Portal access received your access codes and passwords last Friday – check your child’s backpack if you didn’t. Let me know if you can’t find it.  

PTA Merchandise will be on sale after school in front of the auditorium every Wednesday and Friday afternoon at dismissal. Stop by the front of school before or after picking up your child.

FAMILY FRIDAY NEWS: More new to come about Back-to-School teacher presentations and Family Friday. Family Friday is Friday, September 10, at 2:30. Families are welcome to join us then at Ms. Amanda’s personal meeting room (password bees): We will kick off the Fall Fundraiser, introduce you to key Birney staff and answer your questions about being back at school, I am sure you have plenty.

For those of you who recently registered and have missed out on my previous communication, I am including the link to the Birney FAQ page which includes all my past emails!

Ms. Amanda

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