The Birney Buzz 05/26/2021

The Birney Buzz 05/27/2021
Posted on 05/27/2021
CA Pizza Kitchen
Hello Birney families and friends,
This morning as I watched our littles walking, skipping, hopping and running to class I felt immense appreciation for our impending return to 'normal' - I shared my thoughts with Ms. Kovelant, who shared with me that seeing our littles back at school is food for the soul. Food for the soul! There is so much to be said for what 'school' means for our children, not just the ABCs, but the function of school for society at large - from kindergarten on we are learning how to do our jobs, work together, be open-minded, tolerant, caring. All those IB Learner Profile traits really do matter, and what we do with them here at school take on so much more meaning in the context of the year we have just gone through.  
Coming home in backpacks today is the Birney Buzz  for this week! Of importance for parents is the survey indicating your preference for returning to school in-person 5 days a week in the fall.  Specifically, Birney will not have any hybrid options for the fall - the school district will be establishing a distinct magnet school for any and all remote instruction, so families wishing to continue with remote learning will be disenrolling from Birney.
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about this - I do not have all the details but I can certainly steer you in the direction of an answer as those answers come to us! And while I will sadly release those students who are remaining online in the fall to discover their new school, understanding that families must make their own decisions for their own wellbeing, I will cherish the ability to focus on creating safe, nurturing conditions for in-person instruction here at Birney for the 2021-2022 school year.   
In the Buzz, there is a link to tour Roosevelt for parents of 5th graders - two more chances to do that this year. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to check out our sister middle school in-person for parents of any age Birney student. The end of the year is fast approaching for our 5th graders, and it was with mixed emotion that I announced our online/drive-through promotion activities in the Buzz this week. Since we have 22% of our school still learning completely online due to the pandemic, we decided to promote our 5th graders and kindergarteners with asynchronous online instruction on the last day of school and a drive-through promotion at the end (details in the Buzz, click on the link above). While we were excited by the prospect of in-person promotions/graduations happening  elsewhere, we still felt that our classroom communities would be better served this way - the need to include our online students in the activities held sway. Since we started the year out together in this way we will end it the same way with some reflection on the year and celebration of our success in getting through it.  
Dine Out
Not in the Buzz but still really cool is the Foundation's announcement of our last Family Dinner Night of the year at California Pizza Kitchen - dine in or take out and show the flier or use the code 'BACK20%'.

If you have any classroom or Birney Library books at home please return them as soon as possible. 

Remember that we have a wonderful 4-day weekend coming up - no school Friday or Monday - enjoy your Memorial Day!
Take care of yourselves and each other, Ms. Amanda
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