The Birney Buzz 05/20/2021

The Birney Buzz 05/20/2021
Posted on 05/21/2021

Hello Birney families and friends,

This week's Birney Buzz  is all about this week's Run for the Green - which has been a surprising but pleasant success given all the health and safety restrictions we thought would make it impossible.  But it wasn't.  I so appreciate Coach Lord's efforts to make the run smooth and easy for both our roomies and our zoomies.  Roomies used their Specials days with Garden and PE to run their laps, and Zoomies were scheduled after school was out, it was so good to see them outside of their 'zoom box.'  We all miss that exciting Friday afternoon in March when we gather as a school to run, the littlest in a small lap track on the blacktop, along with the middles on theirs and then the 4th and 5th graders out on the track.  We blast cool music, welcome Roosevelt & San Diego High cheerleaders who come to cheer them on, and just have fun with all the excitement.  However, this year was memorable for a variety of reasons, including how very, very close to our final goal we have gotten this week, and just one more push is going to send us there. Since I finished the Birney Buzz and handed it out to the clases, we have gone from $39,954 to over $42,000!

If you click on the Birney Buzz , you will see a breakdown of the number of emails that were sent out and you will see how closely that correlates with the total amount each classroom has collected.  If you haven't done so yet, won't you give it a try - send your Pledgestar email out to yourc contact list and see what happens!  Some of you have registered on pledgestar without sending out your emails - you still have time to do it. When you click on the pledgestar link, you will see the live leaderboard - we have one class already in the $4000 range, and 3 in the $3000 range - it is amazing!  Every little part counts, and we can reach our goal and keep our Specials for next year.  Birney Specials are leaps and bounds better than so many other schools, so I appreciate your support for our Foundation to continue to provide them. But the Foundation does not only provide for Specials, they also pay for our field trips and special guest speakers and programs (when we are not in a pandemic), they fund some of our IB training and materials for our IB units, and they work alongside the Birney PTA to provide some really fun events through the course of a regular school year.  Check out this wonderful guide to our Parent Organizations for more information, or go to the Foundation website to see all that they do.  

Later this week, I will be sending out more details about summer school, which is not at Birney this year.  I will also be sending out final plans for promotion of kindergarten and 5th grade in the coming week.  For now, happy Thursday and take care,

Ms. Amanda

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