The Birney Buzz 04/27/2021

The Birney Buzz 04/26/2021
Posted on 04/26/2021

Hello Birney friends and families,

As a principal, I have never liked rainy school days.  Southern California and rain at school do not go well together!  But the forecast says it will rain tomorrow, and either way, rain or no rain, the temperature is going to be quite low.  Why the email, though?  I have never had to email you before about a rainy or a cold day.  Well, blame it on COVID and the health and safety guidelines we are adhering to - the safest place to eat, they tell me, is outside.  Hence the email.  We will be having students eat outside in shaded spots around campus - so they need to dress warmly and appropriately for that. If it is actually raining, they will have 15 minutes outside to eat and15 minutes in their classroom to relax.  If it is not actually raining, they will play outside as usual. So please ensure that your child(ren) are dressed properly tomorrow!

Overall, last week was amazingly better than the first week - we seem to have mastered the COVID-dictated physical distancing, mask wearing and hand sanitizing.  On top of that, we see happy kids who continue to give a two-thumbs-up vote for being back at school.  We rolled out Hybrid Specials for both Spanish and Art, while we are discussing how to offer hybrid PE and Garden - for now Ms. Mindy has an open Flipgrid for online students to show off their garden work and Coach Kenda will be offering online PE to Birney students learning from home on Thursday afternoons.  Specials are such an important part of our life at Birney, students have the opportunity for enrichment and exercise, while their teachers have the opportunity to collaborate with their team and design excellent instruction.  Did you know that many schools in the district do not offer Specials like this?  Instead, they take sub days for when their teaching teams are able to collaborate - meaning that their teachers have to write sub plans for the day and kids lose the oportunity to learn from their teacher that day.  

I bring that up as a reminder for you to do your part for our fundraising jogathon Run for the Green 2021.  We raise money to pay for Specials because we know it is the right way to enrich students' education in so many ways - it's a double whammy, first by providing special classes that enrich, but second it gives time for teachers to enrich each grade level teams' experience through daily instruction - decisions for guest speakers, field trips, science experiments, and so much more happen while our kids are at Specials. 

If you missed the Pep Rally at Family Friday, here is Ms. Bee's Presentation telling you all about RFTG 2021. There was also Coach Lord's presentation about the art contest for the RFTG t-shirt with the winning design. And here is Mr. Evans stellar kid-featured advertisement for 2021 RFTG.  Finally, I am attaching once again the RFTG letters home, which should also have come home to you last week, that explain the fundraiser and your role in participating: RFTG info for school wide distribution 2021.pdf and Espanol RFTG 2021.pdf .  We will be tracking each classroom's participation in the Pledgestar campaign ( and giving out incentives and rewards for those classes with the most participation, so it's time to participate and show how much your kid loves going to Specials - help the Foundation keep Specials going for next year!  We can't do it without your help!  

So for an email mainly about dressing warmly tomorrow ... I can still do a shameless plug for our most popular fundraiser and I look forward to making it the best yet!  Show us some love, Birney Bees!

Thanks to you all for what you do, and have a great week!

Ms. Amanda 

PS - Zee and my other faithful proof readers, I checked this one twice and found 4 mistakes - let me know if you find anymore, which I'm sure you will!  

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