The Birney Buzz 04/16/2021

The Birney Buzz 04/16/2021
Posted on 04/16/2021
Family Friday

Hello Birney friends and families,

What an amazing week this was!  What a whirlwind of hard work to prepare, excitement to welcome students to school, and then so many emotions to see our school campus dutifully occupied by its most important reason for being - OUR STUDENTS!  Students who also appreciated the importance of the moment! There was no question that they knew exactly what a moment it was - they claimed it as their own and they relished in it! 

This space that for 13 months has been a lonely, wasted space, hardly of any use except to a small number of our student body, for four days this week was reclaimed and reveled in - I can't believe how happy they seem!  One of our kindergartners told Coach Kenda that he wished there was no nighttime, only schooltime because he was so happy to be back with his friends.  

So how are you feeling? Equally relieved, I would imagine, how different is it not having to be teacher assistant or not being, because of your work, and then feeling guilty?  It's been a tough year for us all, none of us doing what we know we are meant to do, all of our roles blurred by this pandemic.  We are happy to relieve you of that load, happy to be back in business, happy to welcome our students back to school and to doing their jobs - learning how to get along and thrive in a community.

I hope we can keep this appreciation train going for a while! Today, Friday, is an online check-in day with assigned asynchronous work ... but I am going to say won't you show your appreciation by signing in to Family Friday at 2:30 this afternoon? 

It is the usual Zoom line:
Meeting ID: 397 155 8502, Password: bees

We will have some really cool things to show you - we took pictures and videos of this week since we cannot invite you onto campus - so you will see some of the wonderful sights we have seen this week; we don't like keeping you on the outside, so we want you to see the amazing things that happened.  PLUS we want you to see the Run for the Green art contest entries and the winners from the artwork that was submitted.  PLUS we are kicking off our Run for the Green campaign, our last fundraiser of the year, and a great way to say yes to Specials, which start up again next week.  

If your student(s) have enjoyed Specials this year you are going to want to support our Run for the Green to ensure that next year, when we are fully back in business, we can keep Specials going. Many Birney families have been significantly hit by this pandemic - they won't be able to support us the way they usually do. If you can, meaning if your family has not been harmed by this year of difficulty, I hope you will consider this a time when you can chip in for those families who can't - we will thank you!  

Thank you, 

Ms Amanda

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