The Birney Buzz 04/12/2021

The Birney Buzz 04/12/2021
Posted on 04/13/2021
Birney Bee

Hello Birney friends and families,

What a delight it was seeing students back at school.  Walking into classrooms today it felt so wonderful to see students there. Admittedly, and expectedly, we need to work on some things, but we will get it right soon enough. This is the first time for us doing school spaced 6 feet apart in a pandemic, so we are going to have to rework some things this week to get them right.

Connectivity was abysmal today - so many devices trying to connect to school wireless caused all kinds of problems districtwide. The IT people assure us this will improve throughout the week, so crossing fingers and toes that it will. In the meantime, we are having our 'roomies' grab a favorite book to read while teachers try to reconnect, so 'zoomies' can do the same. Most importantly, be patient and flexible with us while we work this out.

Our lunch and wellness break schedule went fairly smoothly, but dismissal was not good at all.  Tomorrow we will be bringing the students closer to their designated dismissal gates so that they can see when you arrive and they can tell their teacher goodbye  and then come to you (since today our radios did not serve us well at all).  Thank you for your patience with us while we learn how to do school during a pandemic - it is counterintuitive not being able to get close and invite you all to come on campus to pick up your kids. Still, I know you want to stay safe too, so please stay 6 feet apart and wear your masks on your side of the gate too - this afternoon looked like a super-spreader event!  

Here is a reminder for gate entry and dismissal:

  • Multi-sibling familes - please have your older child(ren) go to the entry/dismissal area for the YOUNGEST child, both at the beginning and the end of the day.  
  • Kindergarten students (and their siblings) - enter and leave through kindergarten playground gate on Campus.
  • 1st grade students - enter and leave through main gate on Campus 
  • 2nd grade students - enter through main gate in the morning, leave through the staff gate in the parking lot, just on the other side of the office.
    • 1st and 2nd grade students will be brought to sit on the grass in front of the office to wait to be picked up - when they see you are there they will tell their teacher goodbye and leave, either through the main gate (1st grade) or the parking lot gate (2nd grade).
  • 3rd grade students and the students of room 214 will enter/leave through the field gate by the running track. The teachers will bring them out to sit or stand on the field and running track to wait for you to arrive, then when they see you they will tell their teacher and come to you. 
  • 4th grade students will be waiting in lines in front of the library gate and when they see you they will tell their teacher goodbye and come to you. 
  • 5th grade students will line up on the basketball courts facing the library gate and will come to you when you arrive.  You may also wish to have them walk home or to a pre-determined destination beyond the gates where you can pick them up.  If so, please communicate with your teacher to let them know. If you do have them walk out of the gates to meet you, please discuss what they are to do if you are not there, just in case!  

So ... let's try this tomorrow and maybe by Thursday we will have a well-oiled machine.  Remember also that we are here Monday-Thursday with students, then on Friday you will zoom from home and do asynchronous work from home.  

As always, a simple reply to this email will get you to me!

Ms. Amanda

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