Park and Walk

Park and Walk
Posted on 11/19/2021


As we prepare for a week's vacation to spend precious time with family giving thanks, I wanted to make a plea to all Birney parents regarding drop-off and pick-up at dismissal. I ask that you please resolve to drive safely, park legally and generally watch out for each other and for students.   

The fi ve separate gates have been designated for different grade levels so that we can maintain as much distancing as possible, but it makes supervising those gates more difficult. As a result, Birney staff have taken upon themselves to supervise traffic after seeing a couple of close calls where students were almost hit by cars.  Yesterday, a teacher was nearly hit by a car driven by a Birney parent at dismissal time. Another time, Birney parents almost came to blows over traffic conflicts, and they still cussed each other out in front of students. Daily, we have double parking, parking on red curbs, blocking the school bus from arriving and/or leaving, illegal u-turning in front of the school, double parking on both sides of the street so that yesterday a fire engine struggled to drive past the school. 

I welcome your suggestions  - just send an email to For example, one suggestion would be to park at the Ed Center and walk to the gate where your child(ren) will be dismissed, while there are so many Ed center employees who are still working from home. You could also park a few minutes away and walk to pick up your child from the dismissal gate.  

We have limited resources at the school, and I prefer to use those resources for your children. If I send someone to supervise the adults at each gate, that means less staff keeping students safe inside the school. I must ask that the adults coming to pick their children up or drop them off act, well, like law-abiding adults. Elementary school dismissal is not a time to speed, cut corners or park illegally - taking the time to park further away and walk to school is not going to jeopardize your child's safety.  

Thank you for your consideration,

Ms. Amanda

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