The Birney Buzz 08/20/2020

The Birney Buzz 08/28/2020

*posted 08/29 10:35am

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Hello Birney families and friends,

Thank you for your flexibility, grace and understanding as we put more spinning plates up in the air – every once in a while they drop!  One big, fat, loud, embarrassing drop this week was thinking that the kindergarten orientation was password-free and then finding out that Zoom has a default thingy so it assigned my password to it anyway. So just in case that happens again and I forget to check, always being in a hurry because there is never a lot of time to get everything done in Ms. Amanda's life, the password will always be the same [emailed directly to you -not posting here on the web]. I deeply apologize to those families who were unable to get access - I will work hard to reverse that terrible first impression - I was mortified! Still, I have 6 years to mske it up to you. 

Topic: PTA PARENT ORIENTATION MEETING, Aug 28, 2020 06:00 PM To Join Zoom Meeting:  I THINK there is no password, but if there is, it will be bees! The meeting is to welcome new families and orient them to the PTA and Foundation, as well as answer questions, calm nerves and invite you all in to our wonderful Birney community.  Please come, it is the only meeting of the year where you will get me to come on a Friday at 6.  

Start of school Monday: Teachers have been so busy this week in training for online learning, getting their Google classrooms set up, gathering supplies and more. Some teams have already sent out their emails to get you connected to the new classrooms, but others are still working on those emails. Do not panic - you WILL hear from your child's new teacher by Sunday evening, and that is pletny of time to take note of the zoom link for Monday's 9:45 meeting. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to email me, and I will reassure you!  Again! This is a tough week for all of us, especially under these circumstances where we are all dealing, once again, with something new. Let's agree to give each other grace, patience and empathy. We all forget to include the password sometimes.  

News about appointment-based in-person school opportunities: I have heard from you already because it is out in the press, but please know that there is a great deal of preliminary data to explore and planning to do before this happens, so it is not happening in the next couple of weeks at least. However, we are working on a plan at the district level which will soon become a site level plan and I will definitely include you when it is time. The first phase is definitely directed towards children with spoecial needs, children who are not making progress based on report card grades and students in TK and K.   

Supply and device distribution: Beginning Monday, August 31, Birney will be a food distribution site from 12 to 2 every weekday. We can also set up opportunities for supply distribution for those of you who are unable to come to the scheduled times. I will be publishing a distribution schedule for grades 1-5 by Sunday, Aug. 30th in the weekly Buzz - that is if you want the opportunity to see/meet the teacher as well as get a bag of school supplies. Otherwise, all drop-by visits for any reason can be done weekdays from 12 to 2. I will be on campus usually, or I will have a sub in my place, to help you. Suggested reasons:  device not working, need a new one; still need to pick up my last year's materials from the previous grade; need some books (we have a book giveaway tub every day); didn't make it to the scheduled distribution; etc.  

More to come soon … all the plates are spinning fast ... if you need to get ahold of me, email [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as I can (taking longer right now, I'm averaging 950 unread emails in my inbox).

Ms. Amanda

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