The Birney Buzz 05/12/2021

The Birney Buzz 05/12/2021
Posted on 05/13/2021
Birney Bee

Hello Birney families and friends,

Here we are in the middle of the 5th week since our physical return to school and we are settling into a somewhat normal routine. We are keenly watching the CA COVID dashboard to see if we can drop into the next tier in COVID mitigation - since we are anticipating an in-person promotion ceremony on June 15, the last day of school. If you have a kindergartener or a 5th grader you are going to want to set time aside - our plans are still tentative, but promotions will happen at some point between 10:30 and 2:30 pm in some form. A firm time for each promotion (K and 5th) will be in next week's Buzz - we are still ironing out out the details. Thank you for your patience.

One thing you can help us with as we approach the end of the year is maintaining your side of the agreement we made for the April 12 return to school. Thank you for agreeing to:

  • maintain your distance from each other while dropping off or waiting for your child to be dismissed, and wear a mask. 
  • drive CAREFULLY and watching out for other people's kids ... and other people, when you drop off your child at any of the gates. 
  • observe all of our safety precautions for reopening which has made the campus so safe - your kids are doing so well at taking care to abide by the rules to keep them safe, and you can help too! 
  • send your child every day with their needed supplies: backpack, charged device and charger, bottle of water, snack, extra mask, picnic blanket/towel - we especially need you to remember to send them with a bottle of water - we no longer have drinking fountains, so everyone needs a bottle of water. We have 3 refilling stations - one by room 22, one by the 200 building bathrooms and one in the lunch arbor. But we are running out of extra water (donations would be awesome) for when they forget to bring from home.  
  • watch out for and take care of each other - since my staff is busy screening and temperature taking in the morning, we have minimal support to monitor what is happening outside our 4 entry gates - we have to rely on the adults to respect each other when you drop off at school - so watch for each other and take care of each other - you are parents of IB Learners!
  • wait for your kindergartener on the 6-feet-apart white lines in front of the Birney Kindergarten playground. We will be adding more lines so more of you can wait your turn to get your students in front of the playground so we can see you.  
  • send your child with the symptom checklist filled out completely, including the phone number where you can be reached in case we need you. 
  • the gate staff your Clearpass green screen clearing your child(ren) to come to school - just saying 'I did it online' does not help.  The staff need to see the green screen on the phone, or just do the paper screener. 
  • abide by the health and safety protocols when your child exhibits symptoms that are typical of COVID-19, even though they may be symptoms of something else. Birney has been lucky to not have a case, but there are schools that have had to shut down entire classrooms, or even grade levels, due to outbreaks, so we are so appreciative of you when you take your child to get a COVID  test before bringing them back to school.
  • submit the Chronic Condition Form  for things such as allergies, so then we know it is not COVID, and we do not have to send your child home.  
  • ensure that your child is indeed accessing online instruction when learning from home and submitting assignments when completed - and communicating with the teacher when in doubt.

Here is the May 12 Birney Buzz which is coming home in backpacks today or tomorrow.  Much ado about our Run for the Green - now at over $23,000 and climbing. Our goal is $55,000 so we have a ways to go.  You know, it really is as simple as logging onto and uploading your email contact list - Pledgestar does the rest. Your relatives and coworkers are eager to donate to our wonderful school to keep Specials going strong. Every dollar counts, and thank you to those of you who have offered to sponsor an entire class, that means a lot too, especially to those kids who are unable to participate in the fundraising - that gets them a ticket in the prize drawing. Coach has been hard at work making next week a fun time for all, both roomies and zoomies, and studying the track to physically distance our runners - she thinks she's got a good plan.  

Also inside the Buzz is an announcement for our Summer STEAM camp from SAY San Diego - you'll want to act quickly to sign your child(ren) up for the summer camp which runs for 9 weeks through the summer.

Another item is the schedule for the 6th hour, which has limited space and will be adding students on a first-come, first-served basis.  

I'm sure there's more I should be saying, but this will do for now - as always, a simple email to should get you straight to me, but if it doesn't, just resend.

Thank you as always for choosing Birney as your child(ren)'s school - we are so lucky to have your family as part of our school community. I can't believe how wonderful it makes me feel to see kids at school again, to walk into classrooms with happy students at work, and a teacher working hard to include the students on screen from home. This school was just a waste of space until we were able to get students here, so thank you!

Ms. Amanda

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