Health and Balance

Many of these resources were curated during the early days of the pandemic but are still useful and relevant now. 

To SDUSD Mind-Body Calendar - great suggestions for getting moving every day 
mind-body calendar.JPGmind body calendar

     Cover of Why We Stay Home: Suzie Learns about Coronavirus

FREE ebooks on Corona Virus



18 Free ebooks about the Coronavirus for Children

Coach Lord, Coach Kenda and Mr. Evans share relaxation techniques for our busy Birney families

Nobody is perfect. When you lose your sense of humor do what we are teaching the kindergarteners...Pause, Breath, Finish Up!


Take a break. Throw a ball. Cool down. Share a hug. Talk it out. Love your pet. Take a nap.

Pandemic living is crisis living and learning.


Put away your long to-do list. If you got one thing done today, that's good enough. If your child made it to their zoom, then you've done a great job. 

Good Enough is Good Enough. 

Birney Virtual Calming Room
Birney Calm Down Room by Shelly Mattocks, School Psychologist

Calming Jitters
Calming Kids Jitters About Scary News

Calming Anxiety
An Age by Age Guide to Anxiety

Carol Lord and Allison Kendra's Physical Education

Importance of Play
Importance of Play During Crisis

In a Time of Crisis, Play is the Work of the Child


Tech Balance
Receive Tech Balance Tips - Text "kids" to 21555
*o envia "familia" en español

Recursos de Corona Virus
Recursos para familias - Crisis del Coronavirus

Virus COVID 19 Por Lideres Mixteco  (video in Mixteco language)

Hand-sanitizer or Water? What's your guess? What works best? Check your guess with this descriptive video!

UCSD Research: Stop it With the Plexiglass  


Parenting Book List & Recommended APPS for Finding Balance
The Opposite of Worry  by Lawrence Cohen (available: SDPL print & CD, Amazon, Kindle & Audible)

Delivered from Distraction: Getting the most out of your life with attention deficit disorder by Edward Hallowell (available: SDPL print & CD, Amazon, Kindle & Audible)

UCLA Mindful (FREE App from UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center - meditations and podcasts)

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